Q: Explain in short what an escort is and does?

A: Great question. An escort is a person who visits you at an address of your choice, either at home or in a hotel, to offer a service for a specific time prearranged by an agency.

Q: Are the images of all the girls on the site real?

A: Yes. We guarantee that all pictures in our portfolios aren't fake and authentic. The girl you choose is the one you meet. We will never consider sending someone else and hoping you won't notice, as certain non reputable agencies tend to do.

Q: Is there a reason why some of the girl's faces are hidden?

A: There are basically two reasons why some females ask us to hide their face. The first is that many of them are university students or have professional careers and only work on a part-time basis. For others the reason is mainly personal: they don't want their friends, family or pet to know that they are working in this business. We only agree to cover faces after we've met and talked with the girl in question and we are satisfied that everything is recent and genuine.

Q: Tell me more about advance booking & notice the escort usually needs?

A: Well, preference is given to an advance notice for a booking. It's the safest for both parties. By doing so we can arrange the girl of your choice and also ensure that she will be ready to meet you. Bookings carried out on the same day always face the risk that your first or even second choice girl will not be available. If you are looking for an overnight stay then we advise that you book before 7 pm the same night or preferably the previous day. If you are looking for a short stay then at least 2 hours notice should be given depending on where you are staying in Bangkok. If you want a longer period of time, for example for a few days, then we will require at least 1 day notice. For a smooth handling of this please follow our guidelines on our booking page.

Q: Do certain girls offer spanking, SM or acrobatics etc.?

A: We can't promise that at a specific time we have escorts in our database willing to agree with types of unusual activities but you are certainly free to ask.
You never know..... Note that trips to the moon cannot be arranged for the moment!!

Q: What kind of payment methods are accepted?
A: We only accept cash. It should be given to the escort within the first ten minutes after arrival.
Please note that we are unable to accept credit cards.

Q: Can I get a discount somehow?

A: Are you kidding ? Although we are selling something we are definitely not a supermarket ! Let's be fair guys, since we take our business serious our policy is to treat all clients equal. Our girls know that, so no bargaining is allowed. No hanky-panky, alright?

Q: I'd like to have more information about the escort I select?

A: If it's not already on her profile on our site then we can provide more by contacting us. This applies only if it concerns seriously inclined information.

Q: What if I unexpectedly have to cancel?
A: It is possible to cancel if you let us know well in advance before your appointment with your date. Keep that in mind.
Otherwise full payment is expected and required.

Q: Is it possible to meet the model privately without making a booking?

A: Each appointment must be booked through us;

the girls will refuse any request to meet with them privately.
Please do not ask for mobile phone number because in order to protect their privacy they will profoundly decline.

Q: Do the girls have regular check-ups?

A: Yes, they do. Our escorts are safe, fit and healthy. It is a priority on our behalf to offer quality clean ladies at all time.

Q: Can I perhaps ask for more than one girl?

A: Sure you can. If this is your wish (and you can afford it !) plus there is an availability then there's in fact no limit to the number of escorts you can book.

Q: Does it take long for my escort to get at my destination?

A: Difficult to answer since it all depends on the current traffic situation in a city like Bangkok.
Also your location plays an important role in it. If it's in the center you should reckon on about 45 minutes but if she has to travel somewhat outside then it probably will take 15 minutes longer. We can only advise to be patient and understanding.

Q: What if I don't like the escort?

A: This is very unlikely, but if for some reason our escort is not to your liking and you do not wish to continue within the first ten minutes a 1000 THB  cancellation fee will apply. If there are any problems after payment is made please contact the agency as we do not give refunds after services have been rendered.